AMERICAN SWEFT AIRWAYS was opened in the late 1990s with a small customer database, operating as a fully licensed customs clearing company. Throughout the years, the company has slowly expanded providing a variety of services, such as:

Warehousing Facility, Licensed Bonded Warehouse Storage, Customs Clearance Procedures from all Ports/Airport, Consultation for Customs Regulations, Global Logistics, Inland Transportation, Insurance of Goods, Order Fulfillment Services, Packaging / Repackaging of Goods, Door to Door service.

Our Customer Support

With an award winning customer support you stand a chance to have the greatest experience in logistics ever. We respond to our clients on time and we’re always available for them 24/7.

With an array of reliable shipping solutions available, you can send packages conveniently and confidently. Choose the speed of American Sweft Airways
, the everyday value of American Sweft Airways  or one of our flexible options for



We are one of the best. Our Mission is to provide logistics services to our clients at a reduced rate without compromising on the quality of service. We are expanding into untouched territories like Andorra and other parts of the globe, the reason is because we are a people Company. We are rapidly, swift and fast.

Non-Containerized Load

Our employees are experts in handling your overweight and out of gauge (O.O.G) shipments not suitable for standard containers. Whether you need flat rack or open top containers, mafi trailers, flatbeds or other types of special equipment, we are able to service your needs.

Proper equipment and premium sea freight carriers We arrange for the proper equipment, all necessary permits and blocking, bracing and packing. We only use premium sea freight carriers. In the destination country, specially trained UPS Global employees are prepared to accompany your shipment to its final destination.In addition, we offer customized solutions, even for your most complex transportation needs.
Non-Containerized Load Our employees
Containerized Load Our employees
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