Global Line Logistics SPECIAL CARGO

As Global Line Logistics, our brand name represents our integrity as three leading marine transport companies working together to make a difference in the ocean freight industry. We have a rich history and experience in handling special cargo of all kinds. Whether you are looking to transport vehicles, yachts, small-sized aircrafts, over-sized machines, large factory components or any sorts of construction equipment, Global Line Logistics has just the right people and expertise.

Global Line Logistics employs teams of worldwide specialists who have the handling knowledge and skills to ensure your special cargo is shipped safely and efficiently to destinations around the globe. This in turn enables us to design customized and point-to-point integrated solutions. Hence, ensuring a peace of mind for your valued shipments.

With our extensive international port coverage, on-time shipping schedule, well balanced equipment supplies and tailor-made customer service, Global Line Logistics is definitely your ideal partner for the transportation of special cargo.