At  Global Line Logistics ( Global Line logistics), we recognize the importance of environmental concerns which can have long-term impact on our well-beings.

Therefore,  Global Line logistics is committed to take proactive measures to minimize the impact of our activities on the environment by ensuring:

  • the protection of the environment including prevention of pollution
  • environmental objectives are compatible with the strategic direction and the context of the company
  • the integration of the environmental management system requirements into the company’s business processes
  • the use of the process approach and risk-based thinking
  • the resources needed for the environmental management system are available
  • the environmental management system achieves its intended outcomes

We are devoted to fulfill our compliance obligations and to continually improve our environmental management system to further enhance our environmental health.

This is our policy, and together we shall achieve this.


From climate change to decreasing environmental quality, the shipping industry can contribute to a number of adverse environmental impacts if not properly managed. As a container shipping business, it is our responsibility to ensure our operations are handled to minimize our environmental impact. We also recognize the business value of positive environmental practices in a globally changing regulatory landscape and providing ocean transport services that have a low environmental burden for our customers. As such, we commit to using best industry practices and accelerating our environmental response with new technologies. We will focus on an effective approach to environmental management as a key aspect of our business. We establish an environmental management system which certified ISO14001 in 2018. Personnel involved in this process will receive training to understand and implement the requirements COMMITMENT TO THE ENVIRONMENT to be certified. Thereafter we will establish an environmental committee to manage our environmental impact. As part of our environmental management system we will also define our environmental goals and aspirations, developing key performance indicators (KPIs) to track and monitor our progress. 


The management has decided to adopt an environmental management system (EMS) back in 2017 3rd quarter. 

In the 1st quarter of 2018, we have established our environment management system manual, procedure and setting of our environmental objectives. The EMS will serve as the backbone of  Global Line logistics’s environmental protection plan, which all employees were guided. Additionally, various trainings (internal auditor’s course, ISO14001 for management etc) were conducted for the management team and ISO project team members.


ISO 14001 is an international EMS standard set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Requirements for the EMS are stipulated in ISO 14001.

We have received our ISO14001:2015 certificate on 05 Nov 2018 from ClassNK. The validity of this certificate is until 17 Oct 2021 (3 years) with annual audits requirements in 2019 and 2020.


 Global Line Logistics ( Global Line logistics) plays an active role in educating its internal employees on issues of environmental sustainability. In so far, 15 environmental awareness workshops were conducted between April and September 2018, while ad-hoc periodic sessions are regularly scheduled for new joiners to the company.

And during the recent World Environmental Day in June 2018, a mini bazaar was organised by  Global Line logistics at the corporate headquarters in Singapore to help raise the awareness and importance of preserving the environment. Posters and signages were put up to educate and encourage the reduce, reuse and recycling of resources. 


On the other hand, to minimise food wastage, “food bank” collection boxes are placed in our cafeteria to encourage employees to donate food which they did not consume to the needy.